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Restraining Order


If you or your children have been threatened by or abused by your spouse, partner, lover, ex- or family member, do not delay getting the protection of the law. Your safety and that of your children may depend on it.


Many types of actions or threats can create the need for a restraining or protective order, including:

     • Child abuse

     • Spousal abuse and spousal assault

     • Sexual assault

     • Stalking

     • Domestic abuse

     • Terroristic threats


Domestic battery At Harris Law Group, LLC, we are strong advocates for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. We help our clients get protective  orders, peace of mind and security under the law.


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Obtaining a Family Abuse Prevention Act Restraining Order


In Oregon it is a relatively simple process to obtain a restraining order — unless the subject of the order challenges it. Our firm can help you at any stage of the process.


The first step is to fill out a petition for a Family Abuse Prevention Act restraining order and appear at an Ex Parte hearing before a judge to determine whether your petition meets the legal requirements to grant the order. The opposing party or subject of the order will not be present. If the judge is satisfied with your testimony, the judge will issue a Restraining Order good for up to one year. The Restraining Order must be served on the subject, which can be done by a friend, process server or a sheriff's deputy.


If the opposing party challenges the Restraining Order, a hearing will be scheduled. At that time, the court will hear testimony from both sides. We can assist you each step along the way and can represent you in this hearing — providing evidence in support of your case and seeking specific conditions regarding the type of contact (if any) the subject can have with you and your children.

Our experienced lawyers can also advise and represent you regarding the defense, extension, modification or revocation of an existing Restraining Order.


Asserting Your Child Custody Rights in the Restraining Order


If you and the opposing party have children together, but you are not yet divorced, it will be necessary to have the restraining order detail the custody rights of both parents. Jet Harris is an experienced family law attorney who can help ensure that your children are protected during this difficult time.


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